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Apparel fabrics

Suits for both men and women, Trousers, Skirt, Coat, Dress, Shirt, Blouse


Viscose, Viscose-Acetate, Cupro, Pongé, Viscose Changeant, Viscose Jacquard, Polyester



Virgin Wool, Wool mix with and without Elastane, Alpaca, Angora, Mohair, Cashmere


Blouse, Shirt, Dress, Skirt, Trousers, with and without Stretch, Plain, Coloured Woven, Printed


Chiffon, Satin mit und ohne Elasthan, Crêpe, Seidendruck

Jersey printed, colourful weaves
Imitation Leather
Outdoor, suitable for rainwear

About us




Timotheus Kultschytzky und Karin Kultschytzky

Fabrics are our passion

We offer our customers a high-performance portfolio of high-quality controlled fabrics and textiles with a great value for money. Our many years of experience and our worldwide purchasing network guarantee a constantly updated range of cloth and textiles with predominantly European origin.




Premium fabrics of European origin

High-performance material supplier selling to businesses

Showroom with over 20,000 fabric samples

Rapid delivery worldwide

All deliveries inspected as part of qulity control

All deliveries measured to the centimeter

Worldwide dispatch of sample material

Worldwide network of representatives




Timotheus Kultschytzky Tuche und Textilien History

In 1949, just one year after the currency reform, the textile merchant Georg Kultschytzky founded his fabric business in Stuttgart. In the fifties, the studied lawyer and forestry manager developed the business rapidly and created his own successful miracle. In the first post-war years, clientele initially consisted of local tailors and sewing shops as well as many private individuals. By 1953 the fabric warehouse already comprised 12 garages. In the mid-fifties, the fabric business was transformed into a nationwide wholesale business. Wholesale locations were opened in Stuttgart, Düsseldorf and Mönchengladbach. From there, the clothing manufacturers in North Rhine-Westphalia region were supplied. In addition, numerous representatives as well as family members travelled to clientele located throughout Germany in the sixties.


Timotheus Kultschytzky Tuche und Textilien History 02


The individual wholesale warehouses soon became too small and so in 1981 the company relocated to a new large premises with professional textile logistics in Mönchengladbach. Then in 1985, second generation Timotheus Kultschytzky took the helm. At first, a customer base was established in Switzerland. The new markets that opened up after the collapse of the Eastern Bloc posed a major new challenge. Timotheus Kultschytzky was one of the first to recognise the signs of the times and initially opened up the Polish market. In the mid-nineties, the company was already represented by travellers and agents in Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary and the former CIS states. Russia and the Ukraine are still important sales markets for the company today. In addition, the Middle East, Japan and Scandinavia have developed into other important sales markets in recent years. While developing the international market,, Kultschytzky established itself as the main supplier of the fabric departments of Hertie, Karstadt and Kaufhof, the major national department stores of the time, in the mid-eighties.


In 2006, the Mönchengladbach location also became outgrown. The company relocated to the neighbouring town of Viersen. A professional high-bay warehouse with an area of over 2,000 m² still guarantees the fast delivery of over 20,000 different articles. Several million metres of fabric are always in stock.


Timotheus Kultschytzky Tuche und Textilien Stapler

Purveyor Of Fine Fabrics



You love fashion, are creative and enjoy sewing individual clothes! You greatly value the importance of special fabrics of high quality and beautiful design!

Twice a week, the purveyor of fine fabrics opens its doors to both hobby ad custom tailors and studios who wish to purchase small pieces. Additionally, a Saturday sale takes place four times a year.

With the extensive selection of cotton fabrics for blouses, shirts, dresses and trousers; woollen fabrics for men's and women's suits, trouser suits and coats; jacquards, silk plain and printed; sequin and lace fabrics for evening wear; and fabrics for outdoor and rainwear, there is something for every taste.

This small selection of photos offer a small insight into our range of fabrics.

Be our guests; stop by and find your favourite fabric. We look forward to your visit.

Timotheus Kultschytzky Tuche und Textilien Stoffmuster 01
Timotheus Kultschytzky Tuche und Textilien Stoffmuster 02
Timotheus Kultschytzky Tuche und Textilien Stoffmuster 03


Timotheus Kultschytzky Tuche und Textilien Stoffmuster 04
Timotheus Kultschytzky Tuche und Textilien Stoffmuster 05
Timotheus Kultschytzky Tuche und Textilien Stoffmuster 06


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Timotheus Kultschytzky Tuche und Textilien Stoffmuster 08
Timotheus Kultschytzky Tuche und Textilien Stoffmuster 09


Timotheus Kultschytzky
Fabrics And Textiles

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